Hill Helicopters 5 seater

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2nd Dan
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Re: Hill Helicopters 5 seater

Postby arrrj » Wed Dec 9 2020, 01:47


100% correct.

I remember many years ago flying into an airport while training, there was a guy bolting together one of those gyrocopters beside the runway, my instructor said to me "we don't fly things that you build with stuff that is bought at Bunnings, ever".

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Re: Hill Helicopters 5 seater

Postby helihangar » Wed Dec 9 2020, 03:32

Yes all true....building something yourself can be fraught with danger for the inexperienced.

His process though however not being caught up in red tape of certification (at this point in time) will be good for guys wealthy and smart enough to do it, (to which there are many) and hopefully give them the capital along the way towards certification.
I’m sure there will be aviation mechanics employed to help/show assistance :wink: .

The engine alone is exciting....I admire anyone giving it a crack.

Look at Kopter....great bit of gear, but they’ve been through the wringer.
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Re: Hill Helicopters 5 seater

Postby Wannabe60Driver » Wed Dec 9 2020, 05:03

I’ve spent some time with the guys involved on the phone. Any idea of ‘home built’ is a work around that will halve the price of the machine. Write the cheque and turn up to a state of the art factory in the UK to maybe pick up a spanner if you’re that way inclined. These guys are doing it in a way that will result in a turbine with lower operating costs than an R22 if it all works out.

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