Northwall Helicopter Helmet

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Northwall Helicopter Helmet

Postby Jimmyncricket » Fri Jul 16 2021, 00:23

Description in below link for pricing etc ... f=cLVKYbgt

NorthWall helicopter helmet
Size L/XL:58
Few extra additions
Volume control on the rear of the helmet
dual visor , one clear one black
half wire / Flexi boom onto mic
Boa adjusting system
the helmet it self has a few scratches, chine strap is slightly worn also, could do with a refurb on a few of the wearing items but doesn't effect the operation of it

The LMT Pilot helmet is designed for flight crew members of civilian or military helicopters. They operate mainly on board and require head protection during certain flight phases. The particular shape and construction materials have made possible to minimize the weight and size of the helmet without renouncing any of the security features required for flight helmets. The reduced size and weight allows extended wear avoiding altering pilots’ sense of balance.

BOA® System: made of a micro-adjustable dial, super strong lightweight lacesm an low friction lace guides. The configuration is engineered to optimize fit and adaptability.
Airflow System: The design let the air to get inside the shell and thanks to the internal shape it flows thru the visor compartment and the ocipital area, allowing your skin to breathe and to keep your visors un-fogged.
Collapsible knob: The visor knob is design to be collapsible in case of impact, to avoid any anchor point that could swivel your neck.
Leather High Comfort Integrated Headset
For more information have a look at

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