Starting tour business

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Starting tour business

Postby charlie_ » Wed Nov 10 2021, 06:10

Hypothetical question.
If finance wasn't an issue.
What would be the barriers to pilot with a fresh CPL buying a R44 and starting their own tour business?
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Re: Starting tour business

Postby skypig » Wed Nov 10 2021, 11:21

Knowledge and experience.

Partially evidenced by the question.

Obviously an AOC would be required. An AOC requires a Chief Pilot (“Manager Of Flight Operations”).

If you had a machine, and location, with customers - one approach would be: operate under someone’s existing AOC, utilising their CP and experience.

Good luck.
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Re: Starting tour business

Postby Gunga Din » Wed Nov 10 2021, 19:15

As Piggy says, you need CA$A to approve the CP, and when I last jumped through those hoops in 1990, you needed at least 700 hrs. Also need a professionally-written Ops Manual, somebody contracted for maintenance, somebody with a head for business and marketing, and it would be nice to have a hangar slave who can brief the pax, marshal them onto the pad, strap them in, and later retrieve them when you land.

Nothing is impossible. But it all takes time (AOC approval) and money (CA$A).
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Re: Starting tour business

Postby Mallard » Fri Nov 12 2021, 09:54

In addition to the above, an owner with a fresh CPL with little oversight can be a recipe for disaster. Most people need a bit of mentoring to develop into a good pilot... especially if you are planning on doing remote flying, bush landings etc.

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