R22 Spindle Bearings

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R22 Spindle Bearings

Postby longline » Sun May 12 2024, 09:41

To the people operating R22's,,,,,,,,, what the heck Is the go with the spindle bearing issue plaguing Robinson over the last few years? Im not talking about the goal posting/pilot at fault damage....but the blades doing less than 1hr since rebuild and getting signs of brinelling ??? At $10k a pair and absolutely no guarantee they'll last till the end of the initial track and balance who's to hold accountable ? The problem Is so bad at the moment that you can't even get a set of bearings and operators are facing the decision of either running their machine with cactus spindles and risking damage to the actual blade hub itself or parking their machine.

Anyone else eating a robby s#it sandwich at the moment ? (and paying full price)

Interested to hear other operators/engineers experiences on the matter

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