Rescue Crewman/Aircrewman Advice

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Rescue Crewman/Aircrewman Advice

Postby ryanmac420 » Wed Mar 31 2021, 22:59

Hi All,

I am in search of some help. I currently work on A air ambulance fixed wing aircraft in NZ as a crewman. I am studying a Bachelor of Paramedicine and have completed a Diploma in Paramedicine also. I have done 5 years with NZ Ambulance service also.

My ultimate goal is to work on a rescue helicopter as a crewman, doing winching etc. I can not join the defence force sadly which this is where everyone comes from for the rescue helicopter jobs. So getting 500hours plus on a winch, NVG experience etc is virtually impossible.

A friend of mine just got a job as a aircrewman over in Broome, they are younger than me, have less experience virtually none I believe. They got on some Cadetship, unsure what company. This is a huge thing for me as I would love this as my career wether in NZ or Australia. I would love as much feedback as i can get on how i can accomplish my goal, where i could get the experience, training etc. I know there is courses that can be done but they are like $50k.

Much help would be amazing thanks.

Kind Regards,
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Re: Rescue Crewman/Aircrewman Advice

Postby Fill-level » Thu Apr 1 2021, 00:35

More than likely HNZ now PHI.

They are trying a new cadet scheme , training new recruitments with little experience .

All you can do is make contact with Air ambulance operators , Careflight in Darwin , try them .

Fortunately or Unfortunately , Ex military are taking over roles in EMS.
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Re: Rescue Crewman/Aircrewman Advice

Postby Tactical71 » Thu Apr 1 2021, 01:52

CHC had a cadet scheme for young strapping fellas for their defence SAR contracts. The pay was accordingly,maimed at recent school leavers, and not mature aged persons.

NSW Ambulance SCAT paramedics who work on the Toll rescue helicopters are also usually regarded as a crewman and normally winch trained ( or they used to be). They are ICP paramedics with a minimum of 5 years ICP experience before applying for helicopter operations. Of course, you would need to go into NSW Ambulance and then fight your way into a helicopter spot.

Otherwise, as stated, the industry is very heavy with ex-ADF members who come to the table with hours, skill and experience. Just a fact of life.
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Re: Rescue Crewman/Aircrewman Advice

Postby Police Chief Wiggum » Thu Apr 1 2021, 05:34

GCH Aviation in NZ are currently looking for a crewman/paramedic, the job is advertised on

No previous Heli experience is required, they are more interested in the medical side, preferably ICP qualified, but as they are hard to find and attract to Greymouth, paramedics have been employed.

Good luck Ryan.

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