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Re: Flight Instructor / Line Pilot - Orange NSW

Postby Freewheel » Fri Feb 9 2024, 06:42

Chopper Guy wrote:
wheatbix wrote:
Freewheel wrote:There are some misconceptions here.

The requirement to commence a G3 course is 250Hr PIC.

Given that the CPL course has about 35hrs of solo in it, this amounts to not much less than 350hrs.

Not quite correct sorry - it's 250 hours TT and 100 hours PIC required prior to starting the course (link here)

Or, you can bypass the 250 TT and 100 hour PIC time by doing the following;

(Paraphrased) - You do not have to meet these requirements if you;

1) Complete your CPL through an integrated course of training (including a low-level rating / endorsement).

2) Complete a night visual flight rules (NVFR) rating / endorsement.

Effectively, you can do all the of the above (including your instructors rating of course) with the same school and once you've finished your "training" you can than get a job at said school as a G3 teaching students to do the same thing...

# My two cents worth... I'd rather be taught by a low hour pilot (500 hours is probably a good starting point) who is passionate about instructing than a high hour pilot who doesn't want to be there but is filling in time between fire seasons. The ultimate of course, if a high hour pilot who wants to be an instructor in the off season :wink:

Schools offering the integrated course are few and far between, it is unlikely that the majority of people choosing this pathway will be able to meet that requirement.

Your two cents are well worth the spend. People aren’t just good instructors because they have lots of experience and other qualifications, though it does help if you have the “knack” for it.

Finding people with said “knack”, training them and paying them enough to make it viable is a challenge that industry, regulator and marketplace is having difficulty balancing…
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Re: Flight Instructor / Line Pilot - Orange NSW

Postby Rotorpilot » Mon Feb 12 2024, 21:14

skypig wrote:
Bambara wrote:A salary up to $75,000 ?

Everyone knew this would happen when they introduced the G3 rating.

I find it sad.

So bad. )c/
Worst part is it seams the standard. The award wage is ridiculously low across the board for our industry.
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Re: Flight Instructor / Line Pilot - Orange NSW

Postby UnObvious » Tue Feb 13 2024, 03:04

So did anyone apply for the job?

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