Pilot Required Torres Strait

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Re: Pilot Required Torres Strait

Postby Wannabe60Driver » Thu Feb 18 2021, 03:56

Agreed. A big part of the reason I plan on flying under FAA regs ASAP.
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Re: Pilot Required Torres Strait

Postby lowlevelhell » Sun Feb 21 2021, 06:19

I like the idea of flying overseas but I have enough fun dealing with CASA. Iv had freinds come to AUS from overseas. Converting your licence is not fun.[/quote]

Depends where you go, I took my CASA CPLH to the US, went to the San Francisco FSDO at Oakland airport where they promplty issued me an FAA PPLH. The Yanks don't count PIC the same way we do, I simply made up for the shortfall in PIC hours, did the CPLH written, oral and checkride, and got my FAA CPLH. Easy peasy, 'Straya on the other hand is a convoluted dog's vomit of a process.... Oc:=
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Re: Pilot Required Torres Strait

Postby Ben Geaney » Mon Apr 26 2021, 05:29

On the hunt again, please read the first post, especially regarding the fact this is a ‘live on Thursday island’ with single accommodation only provided.

Many people think they will be fine living away from their wife/girlfriend/kids, but it rarely works out that way, and ends up wasting a lot of time and money.

We have changed the requirements also, now looking for a pilot only (no need for an electrical background), with a minimum of 500 hours helicopter, 25 hours R44 & B206.

Email ben @ sasheli.com.au with ‘Live on Thursday Island Pilot Position’ as the subject.

If you do not have 25 hours Bell 206 please do not apply for this one, thanks.

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