Just another amongst many others

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Just another amongst many others

Postby choppernut » Sun Feb 8 2009, 04:38

Well this part of the journey has ended...yesterday morning I sweated through the CPL Flight Test like so many of you have done before and many of you have still yet to do - PASS.

If I'd sat down on the toilet the morning of the test, I dead set think a brick would have dropped out. It's amazing how we can work ourselves up with nerves before events like these, I know it's only human nature. The last couple of sleepless nights were occupied by machine limitations, checklists of emergency procedures, what the hell I had to say to get into Sydney Airport, don't forget this protocol, don't forget that radio call and frig me just try and fly smoothly.

This week has seen the most flying I have done since I started and went up with 4 different instructors all with a something for me to take away not only from flight test point of view but into the future as well. The intensity / pressure was different this week to any other week and as it was explained to me after this week there will be no-one sitting beside you to help! It all seems a blur, the test at the time however felt like it just kept going and going. I felt very privileged to be able to fly with a very experienced pilot (in the examiner) and show him why he should give me a license.

From a personal point of view, I've done what a lot of people don't get the opportunity to do, for which I am humbled and thankful. I've come into contact with a bunch of people I never would have previous my decision to train and feel better for it. From a professional point of view almost all of the instructors, students and other slappers have been fantastic and can't wait to work with some of them in the future.

It will fell very different going back to a "normal" week after the week I've just had. Anyway I've been taking up your inbox for long enough and there ends the story so far.

Safe Flying...

choppernut :) :)

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