Transitions & Circuits

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Transitions & Circuits

Postby choppernut » Thu May 22 2008, 15:07

Transitions & Circuits

Hovering - don't you hate it when you've got the idea on how to keep the thing in one place (it's not perfect but getting better)...

Transition - don't you hate after almost getting it to stay where you want it, then you've got push the thing into the sky...

"Nudge" him forward, I was initially mesmerized by the movement along the ground and had to keep telling myself to look up, flapback spoiled my first attempt, then I had to get some pedal in and be careful not to see saw the thing up into the climb. Just getting used to the feel and the confidence to push the thing forward was my hurdle. I could just imagine the sight it would have been for someone on the ground or back at the school and can appreciate the comment recently about the helicopter dressage and the "shows" put on by students at a flying school would be more entertaining for spectators (just keeping up my end of the bargain).

Out at lovely Hoxton Park the workload was a bit higher due to the intro to circuits as well (isn't it great when the developers have already moved in and the fence is just beside the runway and estate is taking place on the other side). Up and around and then once the landed spot was picked keeping that constant picture in the bubble until the last stages I found was a lot easier than getting up. The transition into the hover made me appreciate that left pedal, but at least after that I could maintain control in the hover and catch a breath in the clearing turn before having another crack. Looked at the bloody ground again!!! if the instructor had closed his eyes he would've second guessed he was on a ride up at Dreamworld.

Downwind checks, radio calls and trying to fly something that resembled a rectangle...this morning was going to be a busy day at the office. Up at a sparrows' and getting out early meant the circuit was empty, until lap 2 that is, when unknown to me at the time one of the other machines in the circuit was from the same school. Having some idea about the radio calls didn't prevent me from getting tongue twisted a few times and saying sorry to the instructor on more than one occassion. Down again, up again (stop looking at the ground man), down again, by this time there were 3 rotors and a plank in the circuit and pushing an hour, it was time to go home. I was a bit frazzled (is that a term) by the end of it but was a great session which taught me alot more about being prepared, mindful of the environment I might operate in, vigilance and technique (there's a term I'll use loosely for the moment). Now just to get that all together in a package was the task (I'm sure there'll be a fair few more sessions @ YHOX before she's bulldozed in October).

We approached the pad and after I'd taxied back up to the school (hey I could do that bit :D ) we went inside for the debrief. There was another instructor sitting on a chair with a smile on his face and said how'd go today?...I said awh bit awkward but it was getting there. He said we were behind you in the circuit (my smile went away :( ). In jest he said something like, try and use those pedals a bit more... oh man now I'm being criticed in flight by someone else. I thought it was funny, if I can't laugh at myself I'm in the wrong game... I can't wait til I go on flight with him, I've scared some of the others why not him too :lol: .

Circuits and GAAP and the first theory exam :o ...

Until next time...

choppernut :D

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