World Helicopter Day

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World Helicopter Day

Postby Mick Cullen » Wed Jun 2 2021, 01:10

G'day Team!

World Helicopter Day for 2021 is on Sunday 15 Aug - just over 70 days away. This is its seventh year.

Local COVID challenges aside if your company/organisation/airfield is keen to hold an open day / open hangar morning / BBQ or similar event to celebrate the day you can get some publicity by submitting the details at That gets you on the global website and promotion through the day's social media accounts. Nil cost.

I'm not sure where each of you got your first introduction to helicopters which put you onto a path in the industry. For many though it was attending an airshow or open day. This is a chance to invite people in from your local community to show them what you do and allow them to see a helicopter up close - not an everyday opportunity for most people.

It is a good way to keep the locals onside to remind them of the public good / economic benefit you bring to the area if they are prone to noise complaints. Also a very low cost marketing activity with potential for local media coverage.

Ideas that have worked in previous years
- flight sims, joyflights, face painting, scavenger hunts, Defence recruiting, guest speakers, visiting emergency services / police helicopters, drones, Airforce cadets, super cars, food / coffee vans and fly-in parking for static displays.
- or something as simple as a BBQ for students

Failing that put it in your calendar and prepare some online content around the #worldhelicopterday hashtag

If you need any assistance I can provide some limited help or suggestions on what worked on previous years. The last Brisbane one had 2000+ people through the gate and 2x R44s flat out for several hours on joyflights. Additional AS350 had to be rolled out to get through the flight queue backlog. There is public interest out there for these types of open days.

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