Considering Licence Options

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Re: Considering Licence Options

Postby CyclicH145 » Tue Jun 25 2024, 14:22

RichyRooster69 wrote:
Lucky_01 wrote:Hey Lady's & Gents,

I think I've given up the idea of flying for $$, I am on reasonably good dollars playing auto sparky ($84.70 an hour)

Just wondering what people's opinions on Doing either an RPL (H) or PPL (H) and just flying for fun? RPL you can add modules such as
- A Controlled Aerodrome Endorsement
- A Controlled Airspace Endorsement
- A Flight Radio Endorsement and
- A Recreational Navigation Endorsement

Is anyone else in this boat? Plus I have kids in school, and I get to see them on a regular basis, which means I dont really wanna move away.


Hey Lucky,

Just joined the group and spotted this old thread. I'm in exactly the same predicament now, so was wondering what you ended up doing?

Cheers, Rich

Just do your PPL mate, CPL work is unlikely for anyone who's not prepared to move to crap locations, work for next to zero.

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