Heli News R44 circa 2009

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Heli News R44 circa 2009

Postby andronicus » Wed May 22 2013, 07:55

Anyone got pics of the Helinews R44 in 2009?, it was grey and black...
It looked alright for a 44 and I want to copy it.

Cheers all.
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4th Dan
4th Dan
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Re: Heli News R44 circa 2009

Postby Twistgrip » Wed May 22 2013, 14:26

Sounds good Grey and black, black and grey! There are so many color palates available these days.

You can have what you wish at a price. Good luck with your Robinson product.
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1st Dan
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Re: Heli News R44 circa 2009

Postby mja » Fri May 24 2013, 05:59

Heli News advertised the R44 for sale in one of the Heli News issues, I would have to go back through to find the month it was advertised. Or, contact Nick and I am sure he will let you know!...... :too_cool:

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