Bell 429s for QLD POLAIR

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4th Dan
4th Dan
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Re: Bell 429s for QLD POLAIR

Postby Twistgrip » Tue Feb 22 2022, 21:57

Great news.
Are QPS employing the pilots or are SLSQ?
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1st Dan
1st Dan
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Re: Bell 429s for QLD POLAIR

Postby Wannabe60Driver » Tue Feb 22 2022, 22:04

As I understand it, QPS took over from SLSQ and QGAir some time back. The story I heard was that everyone involved were sick of the media hassling them for using QGAir 139s on police operations.

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Re: Bell 429s for QLD POLAIR

Postby lifeboy » Thu Feb 24 2022, 02:34

SLSQ will be employing the Pilots.

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