More garbage from the media

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More garbage from the media

Postby hand in pants » Sat Oct 16 2021, 23:42

I see that there was a “test flight” of two racing drones near Adelaide towards the end of last week. And there are claims that there will be a formula 1 style race with manned drones. All this slated to start in 2022.
I don’t know who actually makes the claims, the drone mob or the media just making things up to sound good. They say it will be all flown in “close proximity”, what that is I’m not sure. They refer to formula 1 style a number of times. I can’t see that with drones.
And in all of the fantasy I wonder were the aviation authority is. Comes down to the same old questions, what rules are the working under, what licenses do the “pilots” have, what training do they have, who trained them and are they approved who maintains the drones, what does local council have to say, what noise do they generate and I could go on but I’m already boring myself.
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Re: More garbage from the media

Postby Gunga Din » Sun Oct 17 2021, 04:39

Terry, the Ch 9 News in Bjelke-Palasczczczczuk land last night had an item with a CGI 4-rotor drone landing in the suburbs and whisking people away on flights between Sydney and Brisbane. Their CEO was spouting how CA$A was nearly ready to go with the scheme, and that the "aerial cabs" will be nearly as cheap as a car-type taxi, and had film of an R-44, bagging how much they cost to run.

Surprised he didn't then give the number for the crowd funding he will be looking for.
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Re: More garbage from the media

Postby Gardiner » Sun Oct 17 2021, 13:41

Im definetly not an expert on this. I did read somewhere that those quad copter rotor systems are no where near as efficient as a traditional helicopter rotor. As in they just use more power to lift the same payload. So when you scale it up, it just is not viable. Im more worried about the tech the yanks are running in those K-max's taking the jobs. Unfortunetly automation is coming for us. There's nothing wrong with helicopters they will just become more electric an require us pilots less in time.

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