R44 Cross Hire Rates

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R44 Cross Hire Rates

Postby jordy » Fri Jun 21 2024, 04:22

Hi All,

Looking at purchasing a 44 for my property in the NT but having a chopper to myself is a bit of overkills given I only have a small acreage up here.

If I was to cross hire my machine what sort of rates could I expect to get? I could go without it for some months so happy to do a long term agreement with someone but am unsure of what i could charge,

PM me if you prefer.

Thank you
2nd Dan
2nd Dan
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Re: R44 Cross Hire Rates

Postby godfather007 » Sat Jun 22 2024, 01:55

Get in contact with Heli Hire Australia.
They may be able to help you.
Depending on the condition, age and type, R1 or R2 and other options fitted on the machine,
I would expect 400-500/hr dry, possibly more if it’s brand new.
There is always an option.

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