Private Aircraft Hire

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Private Aircraft Hire

Postby explodingzombies » Fri Nov 7 2014, 05:45

Hello Bladeslapper's

Long time lurker. Background information, currently completing my PPL with the intention of going on to my CPL. I am not looking for a full time position flying, only flying for enjoyment.

I seek this forum's advice in relation to the private hire of an aircraft:

1) Will anyone allow allow me to hire their aircraft with such minimal experience (be it a school or private ownership). I am more than happy to go through a check flight. I will respect the owner's aircraft and have no intention of flying in a manner that is detrimental to the pilot's of Australia reputation.

2) In terms of aircraft availability, will I struggle to find an owner that has an aircraft that is free for for a full weekend?

These two questions relate to finding owners around this island located far from where I live. Hope this make sense....Dream big, but need to plan to make it happen.

Fly safe......EZ

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