Notar 'hard landing'!

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Re: Notar 'hard landing'!

Postby Yankee » Mon Aug 7 2017, 03:13

I am a gullible sucker.... and its been a terrificallylong day.
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Re: Notar 'hard landing'!

Postby rotors99 » Mon Aug 7 2017, 03:47

Jabberwocky wrote:
Cleared Hot wrote:...loosing tail rotor on these suckers is not uncommon...

You run out of torque before you run out of pedal with the notar system.

Just for arguments sake, is it even possible this pilot simply lost their fan? As in, a drive shaft or similar?

Maybe he did, maybe he didn't....................but the recovery technique is the same (at least in the beginning part). Couldn't ask for a better spot to fly away from, get some airspeed, descent to the denser atmosphere & plan Your options :idea: Maybe the sky will fall in one day, but sure as sheet that machine wasn't torqued out that day, not up there anyways Oc:=

I'm sure this thread is not about slagging off & character assassinating the Pilot(s)...rather as mature (apparently) Processionals dissecting what went wrong, what could've been done & learning from others experiences. :!:

Yes Sideshow I sure have had a few close calls Mate, not afraid to share that. I spun like that from LTE in a Jetbox on a pinnacle at 15,000' once with 2 pax, scares the becheeezus outaya. But I did learn something that frightful day :D

That's all we can do this video, this thread, learn from each other & not make the same mistake, maybe having a few more options :cool_slp: nothing much else to see here :arrow:

Happy landings **^**

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Re: Notar 'hard landing'!

Postby zzodr » Mon Aug 7 2017, 06:44

Now c'mon, we all know the real reason for the crash was the missing tail rotor blades.
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Re: Notar 'hard landing'!

Postby muppet » Mon Aug 7 2017, 21:26

We have all had close calls, hopefully we have all learnt from them and passed on something to help someone else avoid the same thing. It's the nature of the beast, the good Lord never probably meant for choppers to actually fly after all.

But, and this is just from me as a bloke who is far happier in thick cloud than in blue sky at 15,000 feet, it certainly "appears" to be a loss of tail rotor authority and not dealt with. Even if it was mechanical, one does wonder why he didn't pole forward... but hey who knows. Those who do have experience in certain areas should however be encouraged to offer perspective without being nasty. I think rotors99's views came across as reasonable and those of someone who knows that environment, so probably, and this is just my 10cents worth, probably worth having a listen to.

Ultimately though, we are all a bunch of d1ckheads, because this is distracting us all from yeti's most salient point regarding the visual appeal of Austrian newsreaders. I am no sexist pig, but my gosh, what a smoking hot rocket...
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Re: Notar 'hard landing'!

Postby Picapart » Tue Aug 8 2017, 00:27

They might have a blade tip stall which is the same as an compressor stall. We had that problem with ours and we were getting torque reactions . We had to replace the liner to decrease the tip clearance and keeping the inside of the tail boom is important . When the air can't get out smoothly it will pressure up and start coming out the front . All in all the notar is as good as a tail rotor for authority . Just have to think of it as a turbine compressor and it will talk to you .

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