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Bell 505 - landed in Aus

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2nd Dan
2nd Dan
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Bell 505 - landed in Aus

Postby arrrj » Thu Feb 15 2018, 04:54

I see that there are now 2 x Bell 505 in Australia.

I would be interested in pilot reviews, there must be some guys that have flown the machines out there ?

Don't worry, anything you say here is kept between us :wink:

Gold Wings
Gold Wings
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Re: Bell 505 - landed in Aus

Postby godfather007 » Thu Feb 15 2018, 06:02

Hi Arrrj.

That happened late last year.
They are quiet ugly in my eyes. (My opinion)
The pilots that have flown them have been pleasantly impressed with the new ride when I spoke with them. (Some good operational features)
Maybe they will let us know more.
Either way, it’s great to see a new type brought into our country not long after the release.
Well done to the operator!
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Re: Bell 505 - landed in Aus

Postby ROTOR WORK » Thu Feb 15 2018, 06:12

It would be nice to see one at Avalon Airshow next year.
Regards RW

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