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PS Engineering, Inc- New PAC45 Audio Controller

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PS Engineering, Inc- New PAC45 Audio Controller

Postby gledbetter » Wed Aug 1 2018, 19:02

PAC45 DSP audio controllers that are plug n play with NAT AMS series.

What is HRTF (MultiTalker™-3D Audio)?

For the special mission pilots, hearing multiple radios at the same time is just part of the job and differentiating specific radio calls has not be an easy task…until now.
MultiTalker™, a patented technology developed by the Wright Patterson Air Force and exclusively licensed to PS Engineering Inc, allows the pilot (and crew) to take advantage of what is sometimes referred to as the "Cocktail Party Effect". In a room crowded with many different conversations, our brain has this unique ability to filter out the un-important conversations while allowing the person to pay attention to the conversation that is.

MultiTalker™ offers this unique capability to the special mission pilot, the ability to pay attention to the radio call that is important. MultiTalker™ allows the pilot to place 6 individual coms radio traffic, into nine unique positions within a stereo headset.

What is ACK (Acknowledge) for Aural Alerts?

The ability to pre-record audio alerts makes this audio controller an integral tool to help hear alerts that could be drowned out by the din of the cockpit environment. There are no computers required to configure the PAC45 or to record the 3 audio alerts, it's all done from the front panel, so it makes it easy to configure.
Select ACK will acknowledge the message was heard by the crew members (pilot or copilot). Observer intercom stations will not hear the aural alerts.

What is ICS (Intercom System) 7 Place Intercom? No special intercom isolation boxes/switches

The auto-squelch stereo intercom system (also front panel selectable for PTT-ICS) capable of providing 100 milliwatts (mW) into the aviation headsets/helmets. The five passengers will be connected to the observer control head.
The ICS selector switch allows for:
ISO: No intercom is active; control head is connected directly to the comms. Transmitting and receiving the audios that are selected. CALL feature will be active for the observer intercom seats
ALL: Intercom is active for all 7 headset locations. All headsets hearing comms & intercom channels.
CRW: Pilot & copilot intercom is isolated from the five intercom stations at the observer location. CALL feature will be active for the observer intercom seats

Additional PAC45 features:

* NAT AMS Series pin compatibility with a 1.88" DZUS mount
* Up to three control heads (Pilot, Copilot, Mission observers) with single HUB
* MultiTalker spatial processing for 6 COMs in 9 unique locations
* Up to 7 hi-fi stereo intercom positions (this can be expandable to 22 stations with additional modules)
* Proven IntelliVox® high noise automatic VOX with high-noise mode and PTT-ICS
* Bluetooth® enabled for telephone and music streaming (also ForeFlight audio announcements)
* Audio output power of 100mW into stereo headsets
* Volume controls for all switched receivers
* Unlimited bezel legend nomenclature with Bezel Generator Tool
* 4 un-switched audio inputs, when audio is present you will hear without selecting any switches
* 3 aural input triggers for custom alert annunciations independent of audio panel operation
* Speaker audio out. 3Vrms will require speaker amplifier
* Single CVR output (dual is available with no speaker audio out versions)
* Remote COM swap feature
* Remote Intercom ISOLATE feature
* Observer ICS CALL function
* Public Address
* Optional NVG Compliant (Aero Dynamix)

Greg Ledbetter
PAC45 Product Specialist
PS Engineering Inc
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Re: PS Engineering, Inc- New PAC45 Audio Controller

Postby havick » Wed Aug 1 2018, 21:33

Looks like a nice piece of kit.
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