Covid Exemptions

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Covid Exemptions

Postby Bitch Slapper » Tue Sep 15 2020, 05:14

Hi All, anyone spotted this.

CASA sent out a Letter back in March i think, it states we are giving you these exemptions AOC extended you don't have to do anything, pilot medical six months extension you don't have to do anything, flight review 3 months and so on.

Now in looking further on CASA website it states,

Operators will need to develop a safety risk mitigation plan and have it approved by CASA to exercise the privileges of the COVID-19 alleviation exemption, CASA EX 57/20, from 1 July 2020.

So pilots don’t need to do anything but the AOC holder does. sorry if you didn't want to know this, but we know CASA don’t accept ignorance.

Why would they put out a letter in March that says you don’t have to do anything then write a law that states you do in typically in another section

anyone know if im on track or off track ??
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Re: Covid Exemptions

Postby Probbo » Tue Sep 15 2020, 10:30

So an operator (AOC holder) that does in house check and training needs to submit a safety risk mitigation plan and have it approved by CASA in order to get the Operator Training and Checking Extensions outlined in EX57/20 by the 30 June 20.
Individual Flight Crew, Proficiency checks (BFR LL etc) and medicals, provided that you are eligible under the criteria- (6) b I clause 22 d. :D (Just joking with that reference) are eligible for extensions outlined in the exemption.
You don't have to do anything for your individual flight crew license for an extension.

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