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Re: Australian VTOL news

Posted: Tue Oct 13 2020, 00:30
by Practice
hand in pants wrote:"President Trump’s attempts to play down the danger of the coronavirus pandemic for political reasons; has really backfired, as he is in hospital battling the virus - he claimed, ‘will not hurt you!’ As you read this, he has joined UK’s Boris Johnson as another one of the global leaders who has been struck down by the virus."

How has it backfired, this virus isn't as bad as the flu. If you look at the figures, the deaths that have been reported as a result of the China virus have been blown out of proportion. Doctors have been told that if someone dies for any reason and they have the virus, it is to be reported as a death due to the virus. So i would love to see how many passed away only because of the virus.
This virus is actually pretty harmless considering that 99% of people come out of it unharmed. So Trump isn't so wrong, more like he is dealing with facts and not media rubbish.

WTF has this got to do with helicopters or aviation? Hardly VTOL news is it?

Take your tin foil hat somewhere else. Facebook for example :cool_slp:

Re: Australian VTOL news

Posted: Tue Oct 13 2020, 10:34
by godfather007
HIP has an armadillo shell hat like the dude in the Dukes of Hazard.
They have better punch on impact and protect the melon better.
Tin foil hats are a thing of the past, they compress and mould to the target, rendering the objective useless.

Re: Australian VTOL news

Posted: Tue Oct 13 2020, 23:08
by hand in pants
Practice, sounds like your tinfoil hat is on too tight. My post was in reply to rickshaw. Don't want to read other peoples reply's, scroll past, I won't mind.

And thanks godfather, I've always thought I looked pretty good in my armadillo hat.

Re: Australian VTOL news

Posted: Wed Oct 14 2020, 10:38
by rickshaw
Mustering operators are placing bets who will win the battle between El Niño and La Niña. Why?

More than half of the Australian Aircraft Helicopter Register is made up of Robinson helicopters. A major portion of these are engaged in the mustering industry. CASA data suggests the mustering group fly more hours than all other commercial activities during a drought free year. Australia's weather is influenced by many climate drivers. El Niño and La Niña have the strongest influence on year-to-year climate variability for most of the country. They are part of a natural cycle known as the El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO). The ENSO cycle loosely operates over timescales from one to eight years.

Best bet at present is La Niña which means: Increased rainfall across Australia, cooler daytime temperatures (south of the tropics), warmer overnight temperatures (in the north), a shift in temperature extremes, decreased frost risk, greater tropical cyclone numbers and earlier monsoon onset.

Increased rainfall means the cattle industry can recover from the recent devastating droughts. Eventually, cattle will need to be moved to better pastures, or to satisfy an increasing demand for Australian beef from China and Indonesia.

The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) has predicted a wet summer. The La Nina conditions in the tropical Pacific are set to persist through summer. Most weather prediction models suggest the La Nina will strengthen, peaking in December. "Around half the models anticipate a strong event, meaning there is a possibility it could reach similar strength to the La Nina of 2010-12," BOM says in a statement issued on Tue 13 Oct 2020.

"However, models forecast this event will be shorter, possibly ending in the first quarter of 2021. "La Nina typically increases the chance of above average rainfall across much of Australia during spring," BOM says. "Above average summer rainfall is also typical across eastern Australia. Current climate outlooks indicate November 2020 to January 2021 will be wetter than average for much of the country.

Question? Who bets on El Niño or La Niña.

Re: Australian VTOL news

Posted: Thu Oct 15 2020, 09:18
by godfather007
Q&A on BOM.. it’s a big Gamble.
How many times has a TAF or Area forecast been correct???
On my experience, 50/50.
Like I have said before, If I sucked at my job as bad as the BOM do, I would find another form of employment.

Re: Australian VTOL news

Posted: Sun Nov 8 2020, 19:55
by rickshaw
Urgent Update for our readers

Queensland Tender released 2 Nov 2020 and closes 13 Nov 2020.

The Queensland Government is seeking proposals for Aerial Services. It includes adding additional suppliers to the current aeroplane and helicopter arrangements to ensure coverage in all Geographical Areas.

Tender offer info: Aerial Services issued by Energy Queensland Limited. Number: 10553. UNSPSC 2: Passenger transport helicopters, includes power line operations. Combination of single engine piston and turbine helicopter. Also, a preference for twin engine turbines in some areas due terrain.

Regions. Cairns & Far North Queensland, Mount Isa & North West Region, The Central West, South West & Darling Downs, Townsville, Mackay Whitsunday Region, Rockhampton, Gladstone, Wide Bay Burnett and South East Queensland

More information available on Queensland website

Best of luck!