Safety Harness Attachment in AS350's

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Safety Harness Attachment in AS350's

Postby Helidigger » Wed Sep 19 2018, 05:49

Hello all,

Hopefully someone can help - when using safety harnesses for ops i.e photography, powerline work & human sling ops where can you attach the lanyard in the back of a squirrel for your crewmans harness? can you just attach it to the seat belt loops on the floor? Or do I need an approved hard-point? if so where do these come from?

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Re: Safety Harness Attachment in AS350's

Postby rotors99 » Wed Sep 19 2018, 09:36

G'Day Helldigger; note the cast base of the lever....towards the rear there's an eye..............clip Your screw-gate carabinier into this hole! Also approved for abseiling :too_cool:
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Re: Safety Harness Attachment in AS350's

Postby hoverthrust » Sun Sep 23 2018, 07:08

You may have to get that attachment point approved.
In the new part 138 - 210.4 The equipment must be:

"(b) secured, via the restraint strap, to a rotorcraft hard point in accordance with relevant approved data"

Some harness in leau of seatbelt exemptions say that the load must be placarded of the attachment point.
Maybe look at your exemption. it will state that. Also the harness needs to be quick release type and approved.

No point using what is something that will break off.
In the AS 350 it is usually the one behind the collective.
Worth checking with your engineers. it could be as simple as getting them to look up the load bearing for that attachment and then making a plaque. It then signals to the crewie which one is approved and the one to use.
Just looping a harness through a seatbelt is not approved

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