Part 133 consultation

General stuff that gets thrown about when Helicopter Pilots shoot the Breeze.
2nd Dan
2nd Dan
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Re: Part 133 consultation

Postby arrrj » Tue Aug 7 2018, 23:15


Regarding 2 x VHF.

If you fly around somewhere like Sydney a lot (which I do), then 2 VHF radios is simply sensible. We are flying in and around (and under) controlled airspace, meaning that you are either talking to ATC or listening to them and then you also need to go in / out of BK, SY and use 405 and V1. You NEED to VHF just to do your job properly, as all of the above mentioned are on different frequencies, and going into SY you need to change frequencies frequently (try saying that quickly...).

I have flown machines (rarely) with one radio, and I did not like it at all. I like to know what is going on !

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1st Dan
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Re: Part 133 consultation

Postby bl@ckers » Wed Aug 8 2018, 00:33

Agree with you arjjj..... and the cost of a second radio isn’t that much of an expense

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