Helicopter crash, Hardys Reef (Whitsundays)

General stuff that gets thrown about when Helicopter Pilots shoot the Breeze.
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Helicopter crash, Hardys Reef (Whitsundays)

Postby The Ozzie Boy » Wed Mar 21 2018, 07:19

Police are currently en-route to Hardys Reef after reports of a helicopter crash.
The crash site is approximately 65kms north east of the Whitsundays and it is believed that 5 people were on board however their condition is not known at this stage.
Police Vessel Damien Leeding and other vessels are currently traveling to the site with police and other emergency services.
There is no further information available at this time.
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Re: Helicopter crash, Hardys Reef (Whitsundays)

Postby Slapstick » Wed Mar 21 2018, 07:53

Courier mail reporting it was an EC120 and two dead.

http://www.couriermail.com.au/news/quee ... e5453fb95d
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Re: Helicopter crash, Hardys Reef (Whitsundays)

Postby godfather007 » Thu Mar 22 2018, 09:55

Very sad to hear about.
Condolences to all involved.
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