Freebie 2018 HeliOps Calendars

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Re: Freebie 2018 HeliOps Calendars

Postby apachepup » Mon Dec 18 2017, 23:50

I'm still doing my CPL flight training now, it was my first time Solo that had the adrenaline pumping when my instructor got out and said, 'You right?'... 'Umm yeah, I think so'. I said.
He's a big bloke so when he got out, the cyclic had to relocate from my between my legs (where it had always been) to then having to now sit way forward, right up on my left knee as I picked up into hover, completely s#!t myself not expecting such a large input to have to be made.

That was the first uncomfortable thing, the next was on my first downwind solo radio call, I could no longer hear the tower operator due to my instructor having unplugged his headset, which changed the volume on the radio. After trying to turn it up on the radio, with still no luck,i decided to just land and have him look at it. Once fixed, off i went again. On My second Solo lap i had to perform a 'go around' as there had been another student taking his time on final approach which had me coming down way too close to him, so I pulled power and went around, as I went to join the crosswind leg, a cessna 152, with foreign student, turned in front of me into the helicopter circuit and was swiftly told off by the tower. My heart pounding through my chest, I decided Id had enough of my first Solo, landed, picked up instructor and went to change my pants. Couldn't believe all that happened on my first Solo! :o

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