Australian Helicopter Industry Association - AVALON WRAP UP

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Australian Helicopter Industry Association - AVALON WRAP UP

Postby AUSTHIA » Tue Mar 7 2017, 05:03

Last week was a busy week at the Avalon Air show for the AHIA when opportunities presented themselves to promote our case to Ministers, the Senior management of the regulator and our public profile.
Taking the opportunity to brief the Avalon Air Show board members (founding supporters of the AHIA) at a Chairman’s lunch on Tuesday, Vice President Ray Cronin detailed our progress to date. As a result of negotiations to date and a continued strengthening of relations between the two entities, it is expected that announcement will be made towards the end of this month that will bolster the AHIA’s capabilities significantly.

Peter Howe attended the TAAAF meeting on Thursday along with a number of other representatives of the Aviation industry. The meeting covered a number of administrative issues within the Forum before a presentation by Mr Rob Walker, CASA, on the proposed stakeholder engagement plans soon to be announced by CASA and a general discussion on the regulatory reform progress. He also discussed the CASA response to the recent “Forsyth Review” of CASA. Details of the review and CASA responses are available on
More information will be released by CASA following a planned Board meeting to be held in the coming weeks.

A second presentation on the Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems sector of the aviation industry was worth attending. There are concerns about the level of control over the operation of “drones” weighing less than 2kg, where operators have no training or regulatory oversight. The AHIA will follow up on the matters raised during the presentation.
The Hon Darren Chester, Minister for Infrastructure and Transport (inc. Aviation) invited industry associations to attend an industry round table on Friday morning. This meeting formed the nucleus for proposed biannually ‘industry round table’ meetings with the Minister to discuss pertinent issues.

The AHIA was represented by VP Ray Cronin who raised concerns received from members about the conduct of AVMED, which is currently under review. Ray asked CASA on behalf of the industry not to do a tick the box review rather a thorough review as there are some important recurring aspects of Avmed’s conduct that needs attention.

Further he raised concerns in respect of the new fatigue rules that are currently under review and suggested that the industry must be divided into relevant sectors to ensure that fatigue rules were relevant and not one size fits all. This was on the back of concerns raised by AHIA members in the mustering industry that the new rules may be unworkable.

Other issues were discussed in general with some cross over from other associations, this did allow the AHIA to promote it cause not only to the minister but other senior Government of the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development, CASA and the Acting DAS Mr Shane Carmody.

- Ray Cronin
Vice President
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Re: Australian Helicopter Industry Association - AVALON WRAP UP

Postby Gonsky » Tue Mar 7 2017, 08:18

"There are concerns about the level of control over the operation of “drones” weighing less than 2kg, where operators have no training or regulatory oversight."

Outstanding that they are finally looking to address this issue. They should all be registered like in the US under the FAA. ... vAodhHAA-g

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Re: Australian Helicopter Industry Association - AVALON WRAP UP

Postby lisarichards » Thu Nov 30 2017, 07:29

Drones are not the harmless toys. This is the reason that FAA require drone owners to register over a certain weight. It has serious consequences in case we fail to apply. Here I find the easy to follow guide :
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Re: Australian Helicopter Industry Association - AVALON WRAP UP

Postby RotorBez » Thu Nov 30 2017, 23:03

If CA$A want to follow or should I re-phrase realign our airspace with that of overseas then they could take a leaf out of the CAA's book.....

Interesting set of comments at the end of the article too! Worth a read if you have zero else to do I guess.

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Re: Australian Helicopter Industry Association - AVALON WRAP UP

Postby hand in pants » Fri Dec 1 2017, 04:17

No, drones certainly are not harmless toys. But. As usual, caa had and still have no idea what to do about them. Regulate them, they are struggling to regulate or control registered aircraft. The horse has bolted well and truly on that one.

Drones are here to stay and the caa will never get even a slight amount of control over them. Of course they'll catch one or two morons and fine them and be all proud of what they did, then 50 more morons will take his place.
Hand in Pants, I'm thinking, my god, that IS huge!!!!!!!!

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