Happy Fathers Day

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1st Dan
1st Dan
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Happy Fathers Day

Postby godfather007 » Sun Sep 1 2019, 10:45

Happy Fathers Day to all fellow Dad Blade Slappers!
Hope all you Fathers got to enjoy the day!
For those on tour that missed out, keep the cross hair inline.
I’m sure your kids will be waiting for you when you get home.
Family will always be there for you.
Our job helps pay the bills and fun times at the best.
I Hope all the Dads in our industry felt the pleasure of being an awesome Dad today.
I did!
Keep your eyes on the prize..
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Re: Happy Fathers Day

Postby Pitchpull » Sun Sep 1 2019, 12:16

Like others in this industry I spent father's day away from my family, I just hope they don't see it as "dad not being there" rather dad's doing this for us.
Happy fathers day to all the away dads.
Ala rotante
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Re: Happy Fathers Day

Postby Ala rotante » Mon Sep 2 2019, 03:29

Finally this year I was there to see and listen her singing “ love you daddy “
Like many of us, I wasn’t there when she born, when she moved her first step or her first word... in 2018 I spent 5 months home over 12. This year I’m grounded ( by choice) so I can see her and mom every day... or so...
sometime I asked my self if it worth...
I can find another job but I can’t find another family...
Just my thought.
Happy Father’s Day!!!!

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