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Re: Aerial Application Exam

Postby TSW » Thu Aug 25 2016, 00:12

Hi All

I'm studying for the AGRH (Helicopter) exam this thread has been a great help with what areas to study thanks. Was hoping to clear up a couple of things, I'm a little confused when to refer as a helicopter and when to forget about it as it has been said a lot of the exam will be based on fixed wing.

1) Hot Refueling - It has been stated that the exam is based on CAO 20.10.1 Hot refueling Turbine Aeroplane even though there is CAO 20.10 hot refueling Helicopters?
This makes no sense to me as the CAO's seem very clear?????

2) One of the questions Slapstick posted.
When spraying along contours, would you make your initial turn after a run at 45/60/90 degrees into or away from slope?

P 113 AAPM conducting an application (contours) says.
"The pull up and initial part of the procedure turn should be made TOWARDS the high ground if possible. In this way the aircraft will never be headed at a sharper angle than approx 45 deg towards it."

Same book different chapter

P178 AAPM Helicopter Operations.
"When executing a turn at the end of a contour run the initial turn should be at 45 deg AWAY from the slope followed by a reverse turn back towards the slope,"

As these answers directly contradict each other, in this scenario (for the exam) should i be thinking Fixed wing answer or Rotary?

Thanks in advance..
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Re: Aerial Application Exam

Postby Slapstick » Thu Aug 25 2016, 10:47

TSW there is a question in the exam from 20.10.1 relating to fuel drains and fuel quality program as mentioned in the CAO. That is the only reference from that order.

As for the second query you posted, I had the same problem. I answered it as a helicopter and got it wrong. I exchanged many an email with Gavin Seccombe from CASA (who writes the exams) asking for an explanation but didn't get much help (as expected).

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Re: Aerial Application Exam

Postby TSW » Fri Aug 26 2016, 08:44

Thanks Slapstick and others for all the advice got through it, previous posts definitely spot on.

3 Questions that require typing an answer in were a bit left field, couple of other areas were,

Advisable extent of aerial inspection around a treatment area?

Most important items during daily inspection of AG equipment?

Refuelling - Fire extinguisher requirements, use of radios whilst hot refuelling and exemptions from fuel drains?

Thanks again to all.
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Re: Aerial Application Exam

Postby avlis90 » Wed Jan 25 2017, 04:47

Hey guys,

Thanks for all the tips on the AA Exam. Can anyone shed any light on these questions below?

- You conduct a pre-flight and notice the fuel gauge reading empty but you dip the tanks and they are full. You only need a quarter tank for the job. What are your actions? I assume you can continue the flight unless company MEL suggests otherwise as regs don't list fuel gauge as a basic instrument requirement for VFR rotorcraft.

- When should you check external fuel tank vents for obstructions? I assume from Schedule 5 it would be during the daily inspection, but am I missing something..

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Re: Aerial Application Exam

Postby Rotorpilot » Wed Oct 2 2019, 10:47

Legends. thanks for posting. this is gold advice and awesome to see the industry helping our fellow men.

keep it up. :)
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