Part 101 disallowance motion (RPAS)

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Part 101 disallowance motion (RPAS)

Postby helothere » Wed Oct 19 2016, 08:53

From CASA - Information on Part 101 disallowance motion

Wednesday 19 October 2016

Amendments to the unmanned aircraft regulations in Part 101 of the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations 1998 commenced on 29 September 2016. Details can be found on the CASA website.

These amendments introduced a number of changes, including categories for excluded remotely piloted aircraft (RPA), commonly referred to as drones. These changes allow for the operation of a small or medium RPA by a landowner/occupier and RPAs weighing less than 2kg - without the operator holding an operating certificate or remote pilot licence (other than for a medium excluded RPA), as long as they meet the ‘standard RPA operating conditions’.

The making of regulations is subject to the Legislation Act 2003, which also provides for their disallowance. Under that Act, a member of the Senate or the House of Representatives may give notice of a motion to disallow regulations. On 10 October 2016, a notice of motion to disallow the Part 101 amendment regulations was given and reported by the media. This motion is expected to be debated in Parliament in late November 2016.

The CASA-industry Standards Consultative Committee (SCC) has been notified and CASA will provide RPA operators with updates about possible impacts of the disallowance motion when more information becomes available. Until then, the amendments made to Part 101 remain in effect and they should continue to be followed by all operators.

More information about the disallowance process can be found on the Parliament of Australia website.
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Re: Part 101 disallowance motion (RPAS)

Postby Gonsky » Wed Oct 19 2016, 21:31 ... gulations/

They should definitely be required to register the drones.


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Re: Part 101 disallowance motion (RPAS)

Postby hand in pants » Thu Oct 20 2016, 03:13

Be nice to take one of these idiots who think it's okay not to regulate drones 2kg and under and smack the moron in the face with a 1.5kg bag of mud like substance and see how "safe" they feel.

All well and good for these fools sitting in an office somewhere, not that safe when a 1.5kg lump of something hits the tail rotor or comes through the windscreen.
Hand in Pants, I'm thinking, my god, that IS huge!!!!!!!!

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