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2016 Rule Changes

Posted: Mon Mar 14 2016, 11:21
by Matt Nielsen
It's that time again. Renewals are nearly upon us and in an effort to keep the Rules relevant and up to date, we have a four proposals for your consideration.

You should have received the documents from the Fund and an invitation to vote at your nominated email address.

- Pregnancy and Cosmetic Surgery. Modernising language and properly classifying elective cosmetic surgery
- Monthly Benefits and Salary. Correcting the situation where monthly benefits greatly exceed a pilots normal monthly salary
- Regular medical updates. Clarifying the requirement the report the progress in re-qualifying for a Class 1 medical whilst claiming.
- Notification requirements. Adding a requirement to provide medical reports when notifying the Fund of a condition likely to result in a claim.

Happy to take your questions and address any concerns you may have but the intent for this round was to address mostly 'housekeeping' items.

Hope all is well with you in these challenging times.

Matthew Nielsen