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Posted: Mon Jul 14 2014, 03:25
by Something clever
Hi all,

Does anyone have any information on which companies service the National Parks in South Africa, or broader Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe etc.
Or better if anyone has worked there, realistically what are the conditions REALLY like? I've heard a lot of 'I heard of this one guy' blah blah. Interested in hearing some first hand experience.
I've got nearly 4000hours of mustering and feral animal control, along with various other bits and pieces of aerial work in WA, now looking for a change of pace for a couple of seasons.
Cheers in advance,

Re: Africa

Posted: Mon Jul 14 2014, 06:55
by garly1
Hi Matt,

Not sure about SA or Zim but I am flying in Botswana at the moment. To put it simply there are not very many helicopters here at the moment, 90% of the scenics and transfers are done in fixed wings as most the camps and lodges have strips. As far as conditions go its actually pretty good. You have to have patience when dealing with the govt departments but if your not in a rush its ok. Give me a pm if you want specific info.