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Re: Good news stories............

Posted: Fri Sep 5 2008, 10:30
by Pear Head
Most of my good experiences come from the flying. I have had great experiences at good and bad companies.
Have met many great people in bad companies, and bad ones in great.

Even at the good companies no-one has said "hang on a minute, put that sponge down, you've had a long day, we'll do that. Sit yourself down, how about a nice shoulder rub?" so I'm afraid I can't make any recommendations.

It's human nature to whinge, it's in built protection. Nothing to do with being Pilots, all though rotary wing does seem to attract the odd pessimist.
Count the times someone has said "smell this milk it's so fresh"; as opposed to "''Fark, smell that, d'you think it's off?"

Good is expected as standard, from employees and employers.

re: anonimity, It is often frowned upon to dicuss company matters on an open public forum. I have worked at (very professional and good) companies outside of the aviation industy where to do so was considered an offence and could result in dismissal.
It can be used for good and evil, and you really only have to answer to your own consience or the voices in your head if you are a paranoid vitriolic lunatic. (and possibly the law if you really go too far.) Ooh I might start my first thread....

Re: Good news stories............

Posted: Fri Sep 5 2008, 10:33
by Aladinsane
DF, you must be drinking, I just counted 15 companies given a good rap by the contributors to date, add a few more once FF gets back within range, not a bad effort after a slow start.

Have a good weekend everyone.

Re: Good news stories............

Posted: Fri Sep 5 2008, 10:38
by helicopspeeder
Aladinsane wrote:
Pilots would rather whinge. The prosecution rests.

Then Aladinsane wrote:
Where was my welcome 21 years ago when I started?

So is he whingeing about pilots whingeing and then having a whinge himself or am I mistook?

Re: Good news stories............

Posted: Fri Sep 5 2008, 21:56
by dragonfly
Fair point Alidinsane, It just seemed very few responses compared to when someone/something is being ridiculed :D

Re: Good news stories............

Posted: Sat Sep 6 2008, 00:33
by Aladinsane
HS - Yeah, looks like a whinge a bit eh? Was a tongue-in-cheek response to droptmcguts's kind offering, but good to see we are keeping each other honest.

DF, that was exactly my earlier point, but I think there has been some postives as the thread has gone on.

Re: Good news stories............

Posted: Wed Feb 14 2018, 04:49
by Jamesstewart01
Great :)