Seeking Rescue/Air Crewman Notes or Books

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Seeking Rescue/Air Crewman Notes or Books

Postby b3n.n3lson » Mon Nov 4 2013, 23:43


Seeking some training literature on rescue and air crewman.

Do any exist in the industry, thinking of doing my course next year.


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Re: Seeking Rescue/Air Crewman Notes or Books

Postby Tactical71 » Tue Nov 5 2013, 01:44

Very limited compared to the availabilty of Pilot training literature. Mostly will be company manuals tailored to specific roles and aircraft. Can I suggest you start looking at CAO's that relate to helicopter operations involving winching, marshalling, refuelling, safety etc. In the absence of any other manuals, at least you will have a basic understanding of what CASA expects of you as a crewman involved in this type of work. Especially if you are looking at gaining employment in the industry. If the course you are doing is any good, they will provide you with all the literature you need and if you have read some CAO's prior, then you will be a little better informed that someone who hasn't.

If you can get your hands on the DVD series of Chopper Rescue (QLD) then watch them. They will give you a general idea of the "patter" and procedures used. Of course, different company's will have slightly different procedures and may prefer a different "patter". But it will give you an idea of what you can regards to rescue crew duties, winching etc.

Good luck.

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