Fire Season Crewies

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Fire Season Crewies

Postby bluey000 » Sat Jun 15 2013, 06:22

G'day All,

I was hoping I might be able to get some info on who to contact in relation to fire season work. I understand we are in winter however i thought I might start looking early.
Im Currently a Mil Crewy with around 1300hrs experience on various aircraft and am looking for something casual over the summer months.

Regards and Fly Safe
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Re: Fire Season Crewies

Postby FerrariFlyer » Sat Jun 15 2013, 12:01

May I suggest Sydney might be a happy hunting ground.

1) National Parks and Wildlife Service,
2) Kareela aviation (think they are still around but was a fair few years ago when I worked opposite them), and
3) Heli-Aust (if they were taken over after their recent 'financial difficulties').

Some more recently employed crewies around the area may care to shine a light on some opportunities for you to look into.

Is it just summer casual work you're after? If you're close to a Westpac Lifesaver base that could be another outlet to look into.
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Re: Fire Season Crewies

Postby Twistgrip » Sun Jun 16 2013, 03:21

Hi Blue,
You may like to also try one of the larger operators around Sydney being United Aero at Camden, they operate quite a few mediums over the season. Also try McDermotts in Qld. With your quals I wouldn't imagine you should have much trouble.
Good luck :)
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