HEMS NTS (CRM) Instructor position

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HEMS NTS (CRM) Instructor position

Postby Convergent Safety » Wed Jul 20 2016, 09:43

The opportunity:

This is an incredibly exciting opportunity to be part of a team providing a truly world class Human Factors (HF) and NTS training solution to the HEMS industry. The NTS training instructor will be part of a team responsible for the development and implementation of new HF/NTS training programs. The HF/NTS programs will require the development of appropriate HF/NTS assessment tools, including a tailored behavioural marker system and appropriate simulator based Line Orientated Flying Training (LOFT) training scenarios.

About you:

The NTS training instructor will conduct NTS classroom and simulator Instruction, applicants for the role should be able to demonstrate that they have:
• the necessary instructional and facilitation skills;
• the necessary NTS training course design skills;
• the ability to objectively evaluate individual NTS performance
• experience in successfully delivering training
• excellent written and verbal communication skills

Qualifications and experience:

Applicants should have significant aviation HF/NTS experience and/or hold a tertiary qualification in psychology, human factors or a similar field and meet the qualification standards for NTS training staff outlined under the CASA CAAP SMS-3(1): Non-Technical Skills Training and Assessment for Regular Public Transport Operations.
Experience working in the HEMS industry or other aviation area is highly desirable.
Apart from experience in HEMS or equivalent aviation operations, applicants should ideally hold a Cert IV in training and assessment and have demonstrated experience in HF, CRM, training management and training development.

The position:

The position is a full-time role with an initial fixed term of 1 to 3 years (with potential opportunities for extension beyond 3 years). The role will be established as part of a new, state of the art specialist training facility, currently being established in Western Sydney.


If you think you are the ideal person to fill this exciting role as part of the Convergent Safety team, please email your application to the “personnel manager” at personnel.convergentsafety@gmail.com quoting reference “NTS training instructor” in the subject line of your application.
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Re: HEMS NTS (CRM) Instructor position

Postby Beaver » Sun Jul 24 2016, 12:43

Just reading about the 'ACE ' facility of TOLL's at YSBK with its 139 sim, huet , wet and dry winch training - and it's 'availability' for use for other operators - me thinks the 'high flyers' pub might be worth investing in!!

It will be nice to see a bit more movement involving actual 'Aviation' orientated work than the likes of another 'Bunnings' type building popping up!!
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Re: HEMS NTS (CRM) Instructor position

Postby hand in pants » Mon Jul 25 2016, 21:29

Not wrong Beve, BK has become an industrial site with an airport in it. I especially love the way they build a big transport centre right on the helicopter approach to the main pad. Be interesting when an engine failure on takeoff or approach happens.
As it is, I approach and depart over the building as if it isn't there, can't wait for some one to say something.
Hand in Pants, I'm thinking, my god, that IS huge!!!!!!!!

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