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Posted: Fri Jun 10 2016, 01:40
by Clouds
I have started my PPL (rotary wind) and wish to complete on a full-time basis. Is there any instructors in the western NSW (Australia) area that would be interesting in assisting me with this? I am struggling with the theory side and would like assistance with completing.

Re: PPL theory

Posted: Sat Jun 11 2016, 05:29
by Factorysecond
PHappy to help you, do you want theory at your home or are you able to travel? I am an instructor and travel often to assist students. PM me back and let me know how you would ideally like to achieve your theory. Full time over how long Etc


Posted: Mon Jun 20 2016, 01:39
by Clouds
Hello factorysecond - i am happy to travel and can only take off 2-3days a week till complete. Would like to complete in as short a time as possible however I am not a self learner. Have purchased the AFT theory course and realised i will never be able to complete without a mentor.
Let me know what you are able to offer and send me your contact details - may be easier to discuss.
Thanks alot