Medical Renewal, now or with employment?

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Medical Renewal, now or with employment?

Postby mark90 » Mon May 7 2018, 05:46

Hey there guys,

Not sure if someone has discussed this before, but I'm sure it must be a fairly common concern for new pilots.

For some background, my class 1 medical has expired (I thought it would be a good idea to make sure I could pass before starting any exams, otherwise whats the point). I have just recently passed my CPL and am now currently looking for work.

So my question is this... Is it a good idea to apply for jobs without having a current medical? Obviously being upfront with potential employers and stating that I would gladly obtain one( There is some trust involved from the employer). I would just like to be as efficient with my 12 months as possible, the cash struggle is real with only just having spent most of my money on the license.

Any advice would be most welcome.

There is the obvious answer to just go out and get it done, but please, if this is your advice i have already considered it.

Thanks guys, and stay healthy!
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Re: Medical Renewal, now or with employment?

Postby Icefather » Mon May 7 2018, 08:50

Can’t fly without one. And say on the off chance you get a job offer in a remote place and they need you ASAP, but your DME is all booked up, it could cost you the job to old mate with 6months left on his medical.

I see why you are having this dilemma. But just be warned it could affect you in unforeseen ways.

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