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Postby DontSneeze » Wed Jan 8 2020, 11:32

Hi all,

Recently had an issue with a collapsed lung and being the honest chap I am, I've declared it to CASA. Not the best timing with the fire season being the way it is, but oh well.

Anyhow, what I'm doing now is trying to get my ducks in a row to regain my Class 1 as soon as I can.

I've read through their standards regarding the pneumothorax, and they've sent me a letter essentially outlining the same details as to what they require.

Has anyone had an experience with this particular issue in the past and could provide guidance as to how long I might be waiting?

Had the VATS/pleurodesis/bullectomy surgery so I think that lung should be fine, but I believe they're concern is for the risk factors regarding a potential pop of the other lung.

Could anybody recommend a DAME they've used in the past that is good with this kind of thing?

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