Aussie pilots can fly Regional Jets in USA on E3 visa

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Re: Aussie pilots can fly Regional Jets in USA on E3 visa

Postby ChicoCheco » Tue Jul 17 2018, 09:08


Did you go though H1 so that you can compare how 'easy' it is?
Not as easy as backpacker/Working Holiday, YES.
Comparable to H1, NO. Hell no. It's all relative and depends on PoV.

In short, YES it does count up to certain amount, still need some FAA PIC hours as stipulated in the 14 CFR 61.159/160. So 250hrs FAA PIC. Starting soon, SIC as if PICUS Aussie style, won't be considered handling controls PICus, BUT, your past loggable SIC would count towards totals for sure. In the US some single pilot aircraft flown as two pilot ops due company requirements, the SIC didn't count towards ATP. Now it will, with some caveats.
Reference ... 80627y1.67

As rated/licensed pilot after PPL flight test, the advanced/further training is considered control manipulation PIC time even if not 'commander PIC' which would be the instructor's.
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Re: Aussie pilots can fly Regional Jets in USA on E3 visa

Postby peterlarcombe » Sat Sep 8 2018, 06:19

can someone please put me onto these jobs I have a man from us regional jets whom wants 1500 total time and 25 multi to at least get an interview on erj145
I only have 1000 total and multi ipc 100 total frozen atpl Australian licence of course.
any help would be great.

regards Peter
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Re: Aussie pilots can fly Regional Jets in USA on E3 visa

Postby Anotherlogin » Fri Apr 5 2019, 15:36

Re the FAR............ I have been keeping a close eye on it trying to decipher what it means.... and then it changed (don't know when) to this:

"(c) A commercial pilot may log second-in-command pilot time toward the aeronautical experience requirements of paragraph (a) of this section and the aeronautical experience requirements in § 61.160, provided the pilot is employed by a part 119 certificate holder authorized to conduct operations under part 135 of this chapter and the second-in-command pilot time is obtained in operations conducted for the certificate holder under part 91 or 135 of this chapter when a second pilot is not required under the type certification of the aircraft or the regulations under which the flight is being conducted, and the following requirements are met -

(1) The experience must be accomplished as part of a second-in-command professional development program approved by the Administrator under § 135.99 of this chapter;

(2) The flight operation must be conducted in accordance with the certificate holder's operations specification for the second-in-command professional development program;

(3) The pilot in command of the operation must certify in the pilot's logbook that the second-in-command pilot time was accomplished under this section; and

(4) The pilot time may not be logged as pilot-in-command time even when the pilot is the sole manipulator of the controls and may not be used to meet the aeronautical experience requirements in paragraph (a)(5) of this section."

There is now no mention of the requirement for it to be in an Airplane!! :D
I feel the intent of this paragraph was to stop people loging CP time when in an aircraft that truly did not need a CP. The previous version was a little clunky but this new version comes a lot clearer.

I'll keep the forum posted as I find out more.


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