Aussie pilots can fly Regional Jets in USA on E3 visa

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Re: Aussie pilots can fly Regional Jets in USA on E3 visa

Postby ChicoCheco » Tue Jul 17 2018, 09:08


Did you go though H1 so that you can compare how 'easy' it is?
Not as easy as backpacker/Working Holiday, YES.
Comparable to H1, NO. Hell no. It's all relative and depends on PoV.

In short, YES it does count up to certain amount, still need some FAA PIC hours as stipulated in the 14 CFR 61.159/160. So 250hrs FAA PIC. Starting soon, SIC as if PICUS Aussie style, won't be considered handling controls PICus, BUT, your past loggable SIC would count towards totals for sure. In the US some single pilot aircraft flown as two pilot ops due company requirements, the SIC didn't count towards ATP. Now it will, with some caveats.
Reference ... 80627y1.67

As rated/licensed pilot after PPL flight test, the advanced/further training is considered control manipulation PIC time even if not 'commander PIC' which would be the instructor's.

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