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Full time pilot - Airborne Logistics PNG

Postby its allgood » Mon Sep 30 2019, 18:30

Airborne Logistics PNG is diversifying and in need of a full time AS350 pilot for PNG.
This is an in-country position (predominantly Port Moresby based) suited to an individual seeking to advance his/her skill & experience amongst some challenging aviation & country conditions; or an experienced older professional.

For background on what we do, check out our website, www.airbornepng.com before applying as the bulk of our work is carrying freight, people and vegetables around the country. It may not be for everyone and this is not flying on contracts for Oil and Gas companies etc but delivering services to the villagers with ad hoc charter mixed in.

We require:
1500hrs total
1000hrs heli
AS350 endorsement preferably with B3 experience
Sling Endorsement
Demonstrable understanding / competency with CRM, Risk Management and SMS
Demonstrable competencies with Word, Excel, and iPad flight planning applications.
Current Dangerous Goods Awareness Certificate

Preferences given to:
Previous AS350 experience (over 200 hours)
Previous PNG experience
Sling qualifications with demonstrable experience, preferably longline capable
Demonstrable mountainous terrain experience
Robinson R44/66 experience would be useful
The right person not meeting requirements but with the right attitude and willingness to learn

Salary and conditions will be based on experience & will be competitive with similar markets
Please email interest and CV to: chiefpilot at airbornepng dot com
Applications close 31st October 19 or earlier if positions are filled.

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