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Sydney Heli Charts

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Sydney Heli Charts

Postby bj225 » Sat Dec 3 2016, 07:28

Evening folks,
Just wondering if anyone has or knows where to find any charts or maps outlining the Helicopter Access lane and corridors around Sydney (Bondi 4, Rosehill 4 etc).
Any help greatly appreciated

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Re: Sydney Heli Charts

Postby LVDT » Sun Dec 4 2016, 00:39

Airservices Australia -> Publications -> AIP -> ENR 3.4 HELICOPTER ROUTES 1. Details regarding helicopter routes and lanes-of-entry to specified airports can be found in ERSA FAC.

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Re: Sydney Heli Charts

Postby Meatloaf » Sun Dec 4 2016, 20:43

I don't believe so for the inbound/outbound routes.

If you have google earth, it is simple to drop pins at the locations on the route in ERSA, then draw lines between them. From there you can mark out the airspace using the DAH, which can take some time.


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