Helo CHAIS - any good ??

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Helo CHAIS - any good ??

Postby mapala » Wed May 27 2015, 03:59

G'day guys,

Just wondering if any of you uses the Helo CHAIS like the ones on this website ?

I currently use standard CEP with foam tips but since they will soon need to be replaced I was thinking of getting these Helo CHAIS if they are any good/better...?

Thanks guys
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Re: Helo CHAIS - any good ??

Postby Zabar » Wed May 27 2015, 06:40

I use standard CEP with the molded plugs made with the DIY kit from Audio Sculpt. Very happy with the molded plugs as they are much quicker and easier to fit than foam plugs, easy to clean and seem to have almost as much attenuation. If possible get your molds made by someone with experience making them - or else maybe a tradie with good skills with a caulking gun. :lol: The better the quality of the molds, the better the attenuation will be.

I know a couple of guys with the Helo CHAIS system and by their reports it seems to be at least as good as the standard CEP but it looks to be potentially more reliable than the thin wires on the standard CEP. The other advantage is that the tubes can be trimmed to a suitable length so that you don't have the CEP issue of excess wire hanging around getting caught in collar/neck/harness/comm lead.

I plan to swap to Helo CHAIS if I have any problems again with my CEP.
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Re: Helo CHAIS - any good ??

Postby komodo » Wed May 27 2015, 09:24

I've only recently changed over to the CHAIS system and they seem more robust than the original cep's I had. Very happy so far

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