Helmets - What sort?

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Helmets - What sort?

Postby Always_Upright » Sat Dec 28 2013, 05:06

Hi Slappers

Not to rehash an old topic but just asking is there any requirements or regulations for helmet types or styles for aerial operations.
Just getting back into flying and the wife is "recommending head gear"

I would appreciate feedback from other operators and pilots regarding any requirements they have with pilots using their own helmets.

Do they need to be approved design, like a motor cycle helmet re Australian Standards sticker etc?

I dont wish to purchase one and turn up and not being able to use it because of unknown reasons! There are so many on the market from unknown brands, from China no doubt as they are cheap.

Thoughts on Style, type, visor or not etc.
Will be flying day VFR mostly.
Things to watch out for?
And the big question, are custom colours/paint job crossing the line into being a tool?

Safe Flying

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Re: Helmets - What sort?

Postby Evil Twin » Sat Dec 28 2013, 08:21

To a degree with helmets you get what you pay for. That said most helmet designs haven't moved on for years (decades). What will fit you depends a lot on the shape of your head. Gallet helmets don't fit everyone and a lot of people will have their personal preferences. I currently fly with a Gentex fitted with CEP but that is only as it's provided by my employer. Given the choice I'd wear a Alpha with CEP or a converted motorcycle helmet. The latter only as I'm also a biker and I know from experience the leaps and bounds that bike helmets have moved on in the past 30 years. But, that's whole other arguement that I'm not going to go into.

Try a number if you can and buy what you can afford. Don't waste time or effort on the cheap chinese s#!t on ebay.
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Re: Helmets - What sort?

Postby helicrewman » Sat Dec 28 2013, 23:27

I approach the cost of a helmet with this question in mind:

In the final seconds of a crash, How much would I pay to be wearing the best helmet on the market?

That said, the most expensive is not always the best.
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Re: Helmets - What sort?

Postby Quick Release » Mon Dec 30 2013, 00:24

Some good advice already in previous comments.
Ive had them all and never had one without a minor issue, in saying that its all about the head.
Alpha i, believe, is the only one that offers length and width fitment.
If you don't have a preference in style already, i think the Gentex is the good all rounder, and a current sph5 wouldn't let you down.

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