Pilot required for Heli Sgi

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Pilot required for Heli Sgi

Postby Revhead » Tue Jan 22 2013, 02:35

Posting on behalf of Heli Sgi
About Us ; Heli Sgi is an Indonesian owned and operated Company. With the main office and hangar based in Bali, Indonesia. http://www.airbali.com
Applications Sought;-
Helicopter Utility Pilot(s) Required;
Must Have;
1. Minimum 2000 Hours Rotary and PIC.
2. Minimum CPLH
3. Minimum 250 Hours Long Lining, with 100ft Long Line or greater.
4. 250 Hours PIC. B407/B206L
5. Good Safety Record
6. Able to supply written references from past employers.

Job Description;
Position is based on a 28 Days on/28 Days off. All airfares, accommodation, meals provided. Applicants will be required to operate from Remote Areas/Camps.
Accommodation is usually in Hotels with T.V. ,Internet, meals or mess/crew house with individual rooms and Internet ETC.

Please forward CV with brief cover letter to both ;
Chief Pilot – Keith Miles keith@helisgi.co.id
Operations Manager – Darren Satherley darren@helisgi.co.id
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Re: Pilot required for Heli Sgi

Postby HeliSGI » Tue Jan 22 2013, 11:16

To all that have applied for these positions thus far, due to new Indonesian aviation laws the applicant " MUST HAVE" 250 hours on the 407 and Longranger Thank you for all the applications thus far, we will respond to you individually with Regards Darren..

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