Google Earth - picture joining software query

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Google Earth - picture joining software query

Postby clendaron » Mon Dec 3 2012, 09:21

How I get snaps shorts from google earth to get a map for a specific area? I want to make a map and print that for a specific area in high resolution from google earth. But my problem is that I can't joined the snaps properly in Photoshop for getting the wright map for a specific area. Is there any software for taking the snap shorts from google earth and joined them all to generate the right map for that area in high resoulution.
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Re: Google Earth - picture joining software query

Postby Skeeter » Mon Dec 3 2012, 12:59

try Mobile Atlas Creator. Its easy to use.
You specify the area you want to have and the detail (height you see it in google earth) and export it as a jpg for example.

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