Unwanted advertising links

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Unwanted advertising links

Postby FerrariFlyer » Wed Mar 9 2011, 01:13


Over the last couple months, a few of you may have noticed several unwanted advertising weblinks placed in new and existing threads by newly signed up members.

If the weblink is related to something obviously unrelated to aviation or the like (like a recent one advertising wedding dresses), don't be afraid to report the post by selecting the little 'R' icon on the top right of the thread, or via PM to a mod or the site adniminstrator, helothere. By reporting the offending post via the former means, it 'red flags' the post and makes it stand out from the rest, making it easier for mods to identify and delete both the post and the username.

Sending a PM to identify an offending username is also another way we can get on top of stuff before too much rubbish gets posted.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Happy slapping.

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