AHIA Topic – New Australian Part 133/138 Heli Performance

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Ian Batton
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Re: AHIA Topic – New Australian Part 133/138 Heli Performanc

Postby Ian Batton » Thu May 1 2014, 04:50

Soon we will have to cover our arses from falling space junk!
We are in lots of trouble I feel.
Now where's my beer
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4th Dan
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Re: AHIA Topic – New Australian Part 133/138 Heli Performanc

Postby CYHeli » Sat May 10 2014, 02:44

To help people see the bigger picture re Part 133, I found this as part of the original NPRM.

It was originally in Part 138, Link here.
Part 133 conversion.pdf
page from NPRM
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2nd Dan
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Re: AHIA Topic – New Australian Part 133/138 Heli Performanc

Postby AHIA » Sun May 11 2014, 20:20

Urgent - NPRM - Sling, winching and rappelling.

Re: http://www.casa.gov.au/newrules/

Comments due 27 Jun '14. Revision of CAO 29.6 and CAO 29.1. Will be incorporated into CASR 138. Now requires formal pre-flight risk assessment if doing emergency medical operations. Any volunteers wanting to be on an AHIA working group? We can provide the feedback that CASA is requesting.

If you agree with or have concerns with the new rules please, send your thoughts to secretary@austhia.com

This topic is being covered at Rotortech 2014 - more later.

R Nest
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Re: AHIA Topic – New Australian Part 133/138 Heli Performanc

Postby R Nest » Sat May 31 2014, 04:13

As a result of some discussions at the recent AHIA Rotor Tech conference on the Sunshine Coast, some clarification about a couple of performance issues was gained from CASA.

Previous draft versions of the new CASR Part 133.405 had provisions for PC3 (usually singles) helicopters to be exempt from the requirement to have a suitable (safe) forced landing area during take-off and landing over populous areas. However, the exemption was conditional upon the implementation of a number of mitigators for reducing the risk.
- don't create an undue hazard
- minimise the time without a suitable forced landing area
- engine, main and tail rotor chip detecting and indicating systems
- risk management and assessment processes in Ops Manual
- pilot training in emergencies and autos where limited areas are available.

If you had the above mitigators in place you did not need a suitable forced landing area. However, in recognition of the difficulties in putting engine chip detectors into piston-engine helicopters, this requirement looks like being dropped. In lieu there will be a likely requirement for engine oil and/or oil filter monitoring systems/program to be put in place. Details are yet to be made clear. All other mitigators will still be required.

There was also some discussion about the wording requirements surrounding the H-V curve. CASA seemed to be supportive of the concept that the H-V curve should be avoided wherever possible, for PC2 and PC3 operations, unless circumstances dictated that entering the avoid curve was a safer option for take-off compared with remaining clear of it. The general view of conference delegates was to ensure that the avoid curve was not something that was mandated for avoidance, in those aircraft where it is not a limitation of the RFM.

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Re: AHIA Topic – New Australian Part 133/138 Heli Performance

Postby moose » Sun Jul 16 2017, 23:02

Thank you for all the brainpower and effort you have put into this forum Richard. I'm sorry It's taken so long to find it and keen to catch up with where casa is with it now?
From what I can find it only appears that pc1 only applies to transport cat >19 pax and that pc3 is for 9 Pax or less?
Or have i severely missed the whole concept?

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