Bob Tait Hum Perf CPL/H

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Bob Tait Hum Perf CPL/H

Postby GoingAround » Sat Nov 17 2012, 00:58

Hi all,

Managed to fail the CASA CHUF exam, I came accross some papers in my flight bag and noticed the BOB Tait Hum Perf and Limitations Revision Tests and Revision Exersizes, Does anyone have the answer sheet for these? The ones I need are Revision Test 6 and Revision Exersize 7-8-9-10 (lots of questions from the exam related to Revision test 6, Revision Exersize 7-8-9-10

Hope someone could help me out, as I don't want to fail the exam again!!!!

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Bob Tait Hum Perf CPL/H

Postby lowflyer » Sat Nov 17 2012, 08:35

Think you might find it more beneficial to look up the answers in the text rather than the answer sheet.
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Re: Bob Tait Hum Perf CPL/H

Postby SIR_SMP » Mon Nov 19 2012, 22:03

Hey Mate

In regards to Human performance exam, I sat it about a month ago, you should be aware that the exam changed dramatically probably about 6 months ago (could be wrong on the timing)

Read your bob tate book and then park that in the memory bank, you need to revise the supplementary error threat management stuff, I found nearly half the exam was based on this stuff. I found it hard to find the info on this, apparently casa has a paper but I couldnt find it

I used the aerotheory online exams which had the extra questions, kind of did reverse learning from the question answers but it got me a pass. I dont think you could pass the new exam without this info

just my thoughts

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Re: Bob Tait Hum Perf CPL/H

Postby robbiedan » Tue Nov 20 2012, 03:11

I did my CHUF exam about 2 years ago and half of it was on TEM . I used "CAAP 5.59-1(0) Teaching and Assessing Single Pilot Human Factors and Threat and Error Management" which you can download for free from the CASA website. While it is more geared towards advising instructors how to teach TEM it still has a lot of useful information. Still doesn't help you decipher the idiosyncratic wording of the exam questions though.

Another resource which is worth a read is "The Naked Pilot - The Human Factor in Aircraft Accidents" by David Beaty. It probably won't help directly with the exam but it is quite a useful read to help understand and identify the HF we all have to deal with as pilots.
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Re: Bob Tait Hum Perf CPL/H

Postby rabennathalie » Wed May 11 2016, 08:46


got my exam on june 1st,
been studying the book from bob tait hard and doing all exams in the book and online ,
any other suggestion to hep me trough this exam as I'm struggling with the TEM , I still have a couple weeks was just hoping their would be something out there that makes it understand a little easier

thanks in advance
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Re: Bob Tait Hum Perf CPL/H

Postby Thunderbird_1 » Tue May 17 2016, 23:14

There's a free kit available from CASA: ... for-pilots

The kit above is quite good and comprehensive - 4 books totalling about 1" thick. It also includes a DVD with some video and a CD with PDF copies of the 4 books as well as many other articles. The PDFs aren't too big, so if your exam is looming and you don't have time to wait for a postal delivery, then PM me :)

If you're ordering from the CASA shop, then be sure to have a good look around. There are many free items - all they will cost you is a single shipping fee for the whole shipment. The annual "Flight Safety" book is quite nice :-)

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