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Posted: Mon Mar 5 2018, 03:32
by kiwisteve
Hi I'm a Kiwi who works in Australia and am about to renew my ASIC card

I have found that since the new category system has come in, New Zealanders on the mutual recognition scheme will have to apply for a visa number as the Category A Identification.

If anyone is confused by this... the fastest way I have found (and if there is a faster way then please by all means) is to go too ... -form-vevo

Fill out the details as requested. They will then email you a Visa Grant number which you will use in the myVevo app that you will have to download onto phone or tablet (easy).

After that they send an official letter to the email of your choice (direct to Aviation ID australia (if using them) and to yourself).

After that, print the letter (not 100% necessary as they will have received your email but better safe) and print a copy of your passport in support of the visa. print category B, C and if necessary D, attach passport style photos x2, attach application and send off. The originals will be sighted by the agent at a later date.

If this helps anyone having issue with the new style then awesome..



Posted: Mon Mar 5 2018, 04:13
by Helicoil
I've just gone through the process of renewing my ASIC as well. I took a different step and made a phone call and they gave me the VGN over the phone which I then used in the VEVO system. It was pretty painless, especially as I used the call-back feature they offer.

The visa is automatically granted to Kiwi passport holders on entry to the country. Would i be right in thinking that Kiwis looking to gain a first ASIC without ever having been to Australia might find themselves out of luck?


Posted: Tue Mar 6 2018, 08:20
by kiwisteve
Thats awesome, I tried to ring on a weekend so I guess I was never going to be on a winner there.


Posted: Wed Mar 7 2018, 09:04
by ChicoCheco
Unsure about the new system and visa vs Kiwis, but with lack of most Australian docs except bank statement, I was able to use foreign PHOTO Id pilot licence as for the secondary or tertiary docs group.

Not looking forward to pay this racket once I need to do something with CASA licensing. Raises bile just thinking of the headbanging stupidity and grief and needless cost. Coincidentally, same time wasting career blocking s#!t delays, just elsewhere, Europe. Since conversions need to be approved and all that jazz.